What Peoria Addicts Can Expect from an Addiction Assessment


One of the first steps for anyone considering getting off of drugs and alcohol and pursuing a life of sobriety and recovery is to first get an official addiction assessment explained a Drug Rehab Peoria patient.  The addiction assessment process is fairly straightforward and is really pretty simple and easy to do.  It is even easier in Peoria as the primary goal here is to get as many people into rehab programs as is possible.  Here’s how it breaks down:


  • The doctor, clinician, intake counselor, or any other interviewer/assessor depending on what program you are going to will have you fill out a standardized questionnaire asking about your current drug and alcohol use, about your treatment history, pertinent health history, pattern of behavior, symptoms, and the effects the addiction has had on your life and the lives of those around you.
  • That’s just the first step. Next up a detailed and personal a face to face interview will be conducted to get more data.  At this point the clinician will ask standard and open-ended questions both that will assist him or her in making the diagnosis of what kind of treatment you need and what plan to make for you now says Drug Rehabilitation Peoria.
  • Next up is some kind of physical examination too. If the assessment is conducted by a medical doctor or a nurse or even an addiction specialist, then he or she will likely want to perform a physical examination of some kind. In addition to checking for the physical symptoms of addiction to see if they match up with those stated, the doctor may also check for any co-occurring health problems that need to be treated along with the addiction too, and that shouldn’t be left unhanded or unaddressed.

Why Assessments are Valuable in Peoria

The whole reason why people do assessments is because it is the first step that one must take when entering into a rehab program of any kind really.  It is a totally necessary procedure and it is worth one’s time too.  It is a crucial step because it gives professionals the necessary medical information that they need to have to begin the process of referring you to a rehab center like the Drug Rehab Center in Peoria.  Without assessments, no one would know who to send where and when to do it.

Peoria has been struggling and suffering with what may yet be the worst drug problem it has ever faced before.  This is a city that never really struggled with drug abuse or addiction before.  However, it is now struggling quite a bit, as is the entire Chicago area.  In light of these issues, now more than ever it is time to do something about them with proper rehabilitation programs and centers.  The greater Chicago area and other towns in Illinois need not struggle with addiction any more.  Inpatient rehab centers have the tools to help literally anyone, and once an assessment is completed, anyone in need of such help can come forward and get it.

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