Ways to Do Yoga on a Budget


Yoga, a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices which originated in ancient India, has tremendous benefits on our body. Your body and mind will have decreased stress, increased flexibility, increased muscle strength, more patience, improved respiration, energy, weight management and better cardio and circulatory health. So due to the number of its health benefits it has become a part daily routine for many of people. What about you? Are expensive yoga classes holding you back from regular practice? Here are some ways to save money and make sure you are getting your recommended daily dose of yoga.

Ask for Specials and Discounts

 Many yoga studios offer “happy hour” classes with a reduced rate or community classes at a discounted rate at lower rush times and days of the week. Some studios provide donation-based classes, where you pay what you can afford to benefit the studio or a local charity and won’t need to know payday loan requirements to cover expenses.  Many studios and gyms have affordable yoga sessions and if you are lucky enough, you might find some venue with free sessions too.


Buy Courses in Bulk

By purchasing 20 or 30 discounted yoga classes or membership can save a lot of money. Paying for such bulk sessions could cut down the price to as low as $10. Ensure that you attend all the session you have paid for before your card hits the expiration date.

Do Karma Yoga

Be a volunteer in exchange for free yoga classes. Tasks may include simple cleaning, arranging yoga mats, front desk work and publicity. Many studios are happy to trade classes for services they receive. So don’t be shy about asking any studio near your house if they offer karma yoga.

Take Lessons Led by a Newer Instructor

Many instructors who had completed their training are willing to provide guidance for those who are looking for private sessions at a lower cost than yoga studios. Ask your friends to join you with the yoga sessions and you may get the discount from an instructor by gaining more yoga students.

Find Local Yoga Workshops

If attending Yoga festivals is not affordable, you could get a day pass in exchange for being a volunteer there. Make sure to check out community calendars for any free or reduced price classes available at festivals and major events. You can find some great local yoga workshops in your area that cost much less and the need for payday loans in Henderson, NV will not be an issue.

Love What You Do

If you love yoga and are willing to guide others with your skills, then this could be a rewarding career. Being a yoga teacher, you get a lot of practice with various yoga positions by helping others providing guidance and getting paid for your instructions. Also with your skills, you can provide a service; find a local yoga teacher or smaller, privately owned studios willing to trade some yoga classes.

Ignore All the Trendy Gear

It’s tempting that practice of yoga requires unique accessories, but you only need one thing, and that’s your body. No need to waste money on high-quality mat, branded yoga leggings, cute hand tied beads or shoes. In fact, you don’t need them at all. Just be perfect with your postures and poses to get the full benefits.

Practice at Home

Once you have attended a few classes and already have an idea of how to pose correctly, you can practice on your own at home. Getting guidance through online tutorials, yoga DVDs or magazines from the library can be more cost-effective than attending classes.

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