Three of the Best: Alcohol-Free Christmas Hampers


Hampers make a brilliant choice of Christmas gift because they’re so versatile – you can find ready-made hampers on lots of different themes, containing wonderful foods, drinks, toiletries and more. At Christmas, we see hampers in shops and department stores and even online, filled with delicious traditional treats like mince pies, paté and cheese, and of course, a cheeky festive tipple. But what if your recipient doesn’t drink?

Most of the ready-filled hampers available which have been designed especially to be given at Christmas contain some sort of alcohol, whether that’s beer, wine, fizz or spirits.For many lucky recipients, that’s great news! Not everyone feels the same, though.

Supporting Dry January

More and more people choose to take part in initiatives like Dry January, through which participants give up booze for the entire month and raise awareness and money for the charity Alcohol Concern. Receiving a Christmas hamper laden with alcoholic treats, from liqueur chocolates to flavoured gin, may just be the sort of temptation they could do without!


Going Teetotal

A surprising number of people decide to make the change and go teetotal, giving up alcohol altogether. These people aren’t necessarily making their decision due to previous problems with alcoholic drinks, but may be doing so for other health reasons, for religious reasons, to save money, to support a friend or partner who doesn’t drink, or simply because they don’t enjoy drinking. Unless you know someone well enough to be sure they’re happy to receive a gift containing alcohol, sending a hamper which includes a bottle can be risky.

Three of the Best Alcohol-Free Hampers

Hamper companies and retailers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to cater to the wishes of a wide variety of customers, so a bit of careful shopping you’ll be able to find some lovely pre-filled Christmas hampers which don’t contain any alcohol. Here are three of our favourites:

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