The Benefits of becoming a Pharmacy Technician


If you are just now starting your professional life, or are looking for a career change, one thing you may consider is whether or not it is recession proof. By that we mean is the product or service one provides able to withstand the downside of the next one or two recessions? This is not an easy choice; however one career move that fits this parameter may very well be that of a Pharmacy Technician.


So what are the benefits of becoming a Pharmacy Technician?[i] According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth rate across all industries up to the year 2022 is about 11 percent. However, the job growth rate for Pharmacy Technicians is projected to be about 20 percent. That is an impressive number and a good reason to consider this field seriously.

Secondly, the barrier to entrance into this field is minimal from a time perspective. One can start their career into this exciting and much needed field in as little as one year. This training will also prepare you to take and pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). Your career goals are very quickly realized.

If knowing that your career can directly impact others in a positive way, this is the one. Helping others with a friendly chat at the delivery of much needed prescription to making sure that the prescriptions delivered are accurate is rewarding. You can be proud of your career knowing you are adding to the quality of life for those who need this medical assistance.

Your professional options, once you are in this exciting career will simply expand. From a retail pharmacy, mail order or a hospital setting, you get to choose. Each setting is different, and will become more important as Pharmacists will be expanding even more patient care services than what is traditional. This is due to the increased need for health care as baby boomers continue to retire and age.

In addition to this, it is also a career position that is perfect to leverageinto other fields in the medical career and health care arena. A firm understanding of prescription drugs will aid in any lateral move such as nursing or health care administration, just as an example. So, if this sounds exciting to you, then you should consider Ashworth Colleges Pharmacy Technician Certification course. To investigate, please go to

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