Punishing routines for hard and attractive pectoral muscles.


What kind of human being would a man be if he does not have a dream of obtaining pectoral muscles and lean body? But building a body that is not only fit but also looks attractive is not everybody’s cup of tea. It needs hours and hours of punishing exercises to have the body shape of your dreams.

Here you can find highly punishing exercises for hard and attractive pectoral muscles:


  1. Barbell Bench Press:

This form of pectoral exercise is known as the king of bench presses and mostly has been a part of extreme routine of exercises. This exercise has the ability to build your chest in an overall manner and is included in the usual routine exercises of body building stars like Schwarzeneggar to Haney.

  1. Barbell Incline Press:

It is very difficult for simple exercises to help thicken the upper portion of the chest. It is of utmost importance to include this exercise in the daily routine for chest exercises. But care should be taken to lower the bar down during the exercise close to the chest, just under the chin. This basic movement will help in faster developing the upper chest area.

  1. Dumbbell Press:

This kind of exercise is much similar barbell press although it has an added advantage of increased motion of dumbbells. This exercise is performed on adjustable benches which can be inclined at different angles that allow different levels of tension on the pectoral muscles.

  1. Weighted Dip:

The strongest rival of bench press is the weighted dip for overall movement of the chest muscles. Push your body forward during the set to increase the tension directly on the chest and triceps. Lean yourself slowly towards a full stretch to activate the pectoral fibers. This exercise helps stimulate the CNS and activate the muscles in the chest area.

  1. Dumbbell Flye:

Although different types of bench presses are crucial for overall increasing your chest size but the importance of a dumbbell flye should not be discarded. This is one exercise that increases the overall tension and stretch of the chest muscles and pecs hence it stilulates the anabolic pathways.

  1. Cable Crossover:

This exercise may not be an epitome and the most vital routine to pump up your pecs, but it can be favourable to include it in your routine. While bench presses are good at adding pounds to your chest and flyes can maximize the stretch of your pectoral muscles, neither of these exercises can give a strong and effective contraction to your chest muscles. A common mistake while doing this type of exercise can be using too much of weight. Please avoid doing that and use moderate weights. It would be more beneficial if you have access to multi-angle cables to exercise from various points of angles for further stimulation of muscle fibers.

  1. Smith machine press to neck:

This exercise is advised only for people with healthy muscles on their shoulders. It is the best exercise is best for your upper pecs and is totally different from your basic presses. It provides an intensive stretch to your muscles and pectoral fibers.

There are many yet punishing chest workout routines that you should explore and know what works best for you and your body to get those attractive pecs that can be cause of envy among your friends.

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