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Pickle ball is fastest growing sport and gaining popularity in many areas of the world. It comprises of racket sport including elements such as badminton, table tennis and tennis. The pickle ball has layout and dimension of the badminton court. In mid 1960, game was invented in the children’s yard but now it has become more popular among the adults. Pickle ball is similar to the whiffed ball and has many holes. The major difference is in color and size of holes of ball.  Balls with small hole are used for outdoor activities and balls with large hole are used for indoor activities.

The game consists of certain rules that tell how the games should be played. It includes the other equipment such as solid paddles and large table tennis paddles with plastic waffle ball. The court is divided into two parts by net. The height of the net at the end is 36 inches and at the middle is 34 inches. On the sides of the net there is non- volley zone that is 7 foot.

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Equipments of pickle ball

You may need pickle ball equipments for outdoors as well as indoors such as pickle ball net, paddles and ball. The paddle is rigid and solid that is not compressible while the weight of the paddle depends on the quality of material. The components are typically aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl material. Graphite paddles are comparatively lighter than the wood paddle.

The major governing body has made rules regarding the shoes and clothing. You also need a bag to carry your basic equipments to the court as the bag prevents the paddle from the scratches and you can carry your personal items such as towel and water bottle. The design of the paddle bag is small while it has a space for ball and compartment for two paddles.

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