Pickle ball: a game that you can enjoy indoors as well as outdoors


For the active adults, pickle ball is considered as one of the best sports game. Pickle ball paddles are available in many graphics but always have a flat surface. The weight of the paddles depends upon the quality of material used for it. These are mainly placed in three categories a composite material, graphite material and wood material. Wolfe paddles are considered to be very convenient for the players as these are approved in the test of rigidity and compressibility. The most important point is that paddle hitting surface should not contain holes, tapes or rough texturing. The paddle should not contain items on the surface that are too deflective that may create the negative effects on your game.


There is requirement of some important equipment to play the game such as pickle ball paddles, pickle ball net and pickle balls. Wolfe pickleball is available in many colors that are easily available through online or your nearby stores. Pickle ball is small in size with many holes much similar to the waffle ball. The main difference is in size of color and holes. Numbers of the holes in the ball bring difference in the bounciness of ball. Pickle ball equipments can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Green color pickle balls are widely used for outdoor games and yellow color is commonly used for indoor games.

 Rules for game play

Players serve the ball diagonally to the opponent’s court. In a game, if once you commit the fault then you may lose the service. The pickle ball court dimensions are similar to badminton court and look more like the tennis court. Suppose, if you served the ball and your opponent fails to hit back the ball or hit it out of the bounds then before the bounce occurs on both the sides, you score a point. The game has established its extraordinary growth frequently in previous couple of years.

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