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Got tired of being mocked up by everyone because of your body weight? Try now the revolutionary product released by ReShape that will change your life forever.

At the very price of only $6,200 you can purchase the Dual Integrated Balloon System that will help you lose weight and during the process of one year, you will be assisted by a professional team of fitness coaches. The way uf using it is very simple and during the one-year period you will pass through three stages:



  • Your body will be evaluated and each body part will be portioned into the main cells: muscle, fat cells and bones
  • Along with our team you will establish your overall goals

Device insertion and usage

  • The ReShape device will be inserted into your stomach endoscopically
  • After six months it will be removed
  • During this period your way of eating will change, by reducing the portions sizes of whatever you eat

Healthier lifestyle change

  • After your device will be removed, you will follow a fitness and nutritional training procedure provided by ReShape Team of professionals in order to increase your self-confidence and achieve your goals
  • You will benefit of monthly sessions with professional coaches that will guide you in your way of obtaining the much dreamed slim, fit body

Whenever you are using a medicine, try always to consult your doctor before that. This is a general advice that every person should follow during his entire lifetime.

Considerations of using Procedure

Considering the facts stated above, be aware of the side-effects that may occur during the usage of the device. In the following table we will list the results of a study made on 100 patients.

Side Effect (Adverse Event) Number of patients
Nausea 61 out of 100 patients
Vomiting 87 out of 100 patients
Belching 17 out of 100 patients
Stomach Ulcer 10 out of 100 patients
Decreased appetite 4 out of 100 patients
Weakness 2 out of 100 patients
Low level of potassium 1 out of 100 patients

Even if the side-effects are a serious trouble to deal with, these appear on a very low ratio, and the complexity of them is reduced.

Try now our ultimate product and get ready to have you lifestyle changed. Order now the ReShape Procedure device only from

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