Make love several times in one night is a dream that few men get. Men of all ages consult physician often to ask for advice on how to achieve this goal.

How to make passionate love all night

The refractory period (time of ejaculation until you can get a new erection) varies depending on the nature and age of the individual, but usually increases with age, so is gradually losing the ability to recover quite quickly and complete a second erection satisfactory intercourse after the first ejaculation.

However, the refractory period can be shortened by technical development of male sexual energy. Through this, not only the recovery time is shortened between two consecutive intercourses, but can get to make love without ejaculating and therefore last as long as you want while preserving the libido, passion and excitement, resulting in high levels of satisfaction for the man and his partner.


Ways to avert erection dysfunction

  1. Leave toxic habits:If you are constantly stressed, drink alcohol regularly, albeit at low dose, you smoke, snuff, marijuana, hashish or other drugs, or drugs ingest, forget about becoming a “machine making love”. You must know that any of these bad habits is a major drag so you can perform at your best in bed.
  2. Balanced and healthy diet: Foods high in saturated fats (vegetable oils, pork and derivatives, butter, cured cheeses, etc.) should be avoided to slow down the process of atherosclerosis that clogs blood vessels and reduces blood flow which facilitates quality erections.
  3. Sexual energy saving:Achieving this goal is an art, but good results can be achieved simply stop masturbating, viewing pornography and focus only on the couple libido.
  4. Overcoming psychological conditioning: Psychological factors are capable of significantly impair male erectile capacity. Through this magnificent test you can check if you are influenced by them.

Also, to start familiarizing yourself with this way of living sexuality, we recommend medical treatment(Fildena) to increase sexual potency naturally. Since its recent renovation have been evaluated by users with an average score of “Excellent”. Its effectiveness and simplicity may surprise you.

Fildena is the smartest and easiest choice for those men who are suffering from the loss of erection during intercourse.  Fildena is one of the popular medications for erectile dysfunction. The drug should not be given to women and children under 18 years. Special attention should be given to the aged people with liver problems, kidney, cardiovascular disease, or bleeding disorders. Tests of liver and kidney function should be monitored during the treatment regimen.
It can take up to 30 minutes from the time of the usage to show its work and can take up to 4 hours. Some people may be allergic to the drug substance and should be checked for any underlying allergies. While fildena improves sexual activity, it can cause a persistent painful erection in some men. This should be reported immediately to the doctor. Dose adjustments should be made in the case of liver and kidney diseases.
“Fildena is an ultimate anti-impotence medication, which revive your poor erection power. With numerous fildena reviews, buy fildena 100 and fildena 100 mg online from authentic and reliable site.

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