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Probably one of the most well-known cannabis strains is Cherry Pie. I went ahead and purchased a sixteenth of the strain and took it back to my apartment to try it out. Firstly, I open the zip locked bag that contained the Cherry Pie and first of all took a deep inhalation of the contents. The smell of the strain is quite difficult to describe, but it did smellpredominantly “piney”. Despite this main smell, there were notes of earth and fruitiness. I would say the pine smell is more natural pine than the “chemically” cleaner notes from a strain such as Durban Poison.In terms of appearance of the Cherry Pie, the leaves were a lovely forest-green like color. The trichomes were a little different in color – looking almost yellow in some areas with some intermittent orange appearing in places. So it looks and smells good – but how does it measure up in terms of performance? That’s what I then tried to find out.


Numerous sources suggest that Cherry Pie is a mix between Durban Poison and Grandaddy Purple. It has won numerous awards such as 3rd place in the medical sativa category in the recent Cannabis Cup, so there is some people who have used the strain for medicinal reasons and found success.

Compared to Durban Poison, Cherry Pie appears to be slightly denser, and compared to Grandaddy Purple, it appears to be less circular and bushy. I found Cherry Pie to be quite moist to the extent that it didn’t crumble when touched, which is always useful in my opinion.On first glance, I didn’t manage to find any purple tones that are prominent in Grandaddy Purple.

Before testing the Cherry Pie, I thought it was going to be quite mediocre, but I was to be in for a pleasant and welcome surprise.

The first hit I took had that piney taste I expected. After trying it again, I noticed almost a berry like taste filter through which reduced the power of the pine taste. It certainly packs quite a punch, as I coughed uncontrollably for 10 seconds afterwards!

In terms of the effect it had on me, I felt more energized almost immediately after using Cherry Pie. I found that my thought process was accelerated, and my speech seemed to become more rapid in nature. It can be best described as a “cerebral high”, so you may experience some deep and complex conversations if you were using the strain with someone else. It was an unusual phenomenon I felt, and I almost failed to take some notes on how I felt when using the strain.

After a while, I didn’t feel like I could stay at rest, so I had to keep busy and keep myself occupied. So all in all, I feel this strain is perfect for those who require a “boost” in terms of energy, although effects may be different for you. Give it a shot!

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