AshwaGandha – Introduction & its Medical Benefits


What is Ashwagandha? What are the Heath benefits of Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha – What is it?

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnefera) is derived from Sanskrit word “Ashva” which means horse and “gandh”  which means aroma. When combined, it is described as the horse-like aroma. However, many ancient people believe that ingestion of ashwagandha will lead to the horse like vitality and strength. It also called Indian ginseng or winter cherry (a small evergreen shrub mostly grows in dry region particularly in India, Pakistan, Asia and Africa)

It is an important multipurpose medicinal plant. From root to tip, this plant poses tremendous medicinal value. It has 2 subspecies – Withania Somifera Dunal and Withania Somnifera Kaul, both possess same attributes. It is one of the oldest and best medicine, provided by nature. The therapeutic use of ashwagandha plant is found to be 5000 B.C old.

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Nowadays, people are seeking for herbal cures. The advantages of taking medicinal supplements from plants part are the safe nature, effectivity, and easy availability. Ashwagandha is one of such herbs, having numerous uses. It treats aphrodisiac, stress, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, strength inducer, cancer, diuretic, skin disease, premature ageing, hyperglycemia etc.

Health benefits of Ashwagandha

Rejuvenative tonic

Ashwagandha is long been considered as a rejuvenating. It is one of the main constituents of many tonics. It nourishes bones muscles or skin. It is known to have Significant healing activity and restorative properties.

Neurological disorders

Neurological disorders are debilitating condition and its cure is not that prominent. But ashwagandha is reportedly used from the ancient era as a brain toner. It helps in improving mental disorders like anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, stress bustle and antidepressant by increasing the connectivity of the brain cells.

Hepatoprotective activity

Ashwagandha is one the main constituent of Hepato active tonic. It is used to aid Liver activity. Depression in liver activity is one of the most disguise feelings. Ashwagandha Churna (Powder) increases digestion of foods,improve appetite and body weight.


Ashwagandha has profound effects on arthritis disease. it controls the inflammation condition and helps in the regeneration of cell and decreasing inflammation. It has been recommended for the treatment of various ailments like Rheumatoid arthritis, poly arthritis, and painful swelling in muscles.

Immunity enhancer

It is found that ashwagandha is a potent immunity enhancer as it enhances white blood cells in your body which have a major role in making body’s immunity or phagocytic is beneficial for those who are looking to rebuild their internal system after the illness.


It is considered as chemoprotective as it has marked effective on Cytotoxic T lymphocytes. Withania Found to have inhibitory actions of skin cancer and in tumor growth.

Maintain blood sugar level

Ashwagandha has antihyperglycemic activity daily intake of ashwagandha powder help in glycemic condition.

Menstrual disorders

Ashwagandha is used as women’s tonic from so many years it effectively nourishes body and aids the disorders of women who suffers from menstrual irregularities, leucorrhea and painful menses taking ashwagandha daily as a tonic will improve their vitals. Many women take ashwagandha daily for proper blood formation or circulation and maintaining the level of ailments present in the body it also safer during pregnancy period.

Fertility in men

Ashwagandha has a significant effect on sexual health if taken. It has the ability to promote sperm production and fertility, it rejuvenates reproductive organs just like a tree bracing by feeding the roots.

Premature ageing

Nowadays usually added in beauty products or ingested orally as it have antioxidant properties which increase longevity, degeneration of inactive cells and it nourishes skin.

Stress relieving properties

The plant claimed to have adaptogenic properties which mean that it help the body to resist the damage from physical or mental stressor and clear it out Or fight with possible stress conditions as stress leads to glucose intolerance, stomach ulcer,

Mental depression,male sexual dysfunction etc. Ashwagandha helps to treat stress problems actively.


People who suffer from painful urination use ashwagandha Churna (powder) daily. It has profuse activity over urinary system which tends to remove out toxic substances from the body

Sleep aid

A sound sleep is must for the body. The People, who have difficulty in sleeping, and want to cure it naturally – ashwagandha is the best option. It works slowly but effectively, it profound to improve body function by improving the inner cause of debility.

Cautions – When NOT to use Ashwagandha

  • Patient suffering from hypertension or on hypotensive medicine.
  • Patient with bleeding disorders or taking anticoagulant medical or blood thinners
  • Patient taking sedative
  • Patient taking ionotropic agent
  • Patient taking respiratory depressants
  • Patient having thyroid dysfunction or being on medicine of it.

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